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Voice assistants are a rapidly growing in Sweden

Voice Assistants are a technology segment that has been growing rapidly in Sweden since Google Home was released in Swedish on October 24th. Technology giants like Amazon, Google, Apple and Sonos all have their smart speakers that have made the smart home now available to the masses. But what is a really smart speaker? What can they do and how to choose? More information in our beginner's guide ...


What are smart speakers?

What can smart speakers do?

How can I talk to my smart speaker?

Can I speak in Swedish with my intelligent speaker?

What smart speakers are there?

Amazon Echo

Google him

Apple HomePod

Are S

Which intelligent speaker should I choose?

What should I think when buying an intelligent speaker?

Where to buy smart speakers in Sweden?

What are smart speakers?

An intelligent speaker is a speaker with a built-in voice assistant and, with the help of an "activation word" and oral instructions, can answer questions, control music playback or control devices connected in the home like smart light bulbs.

What can smart speakers do?

Smart speakers and voice assistants have several useful features. For example, they can:

Play music from streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music or Google Play.

Read the news

It gives you a weather report.

Wake up with their integrated alarm clock.

Check out different apps.

Create a shopping list.

Set reminder.

Add meetings to your calendar or read your calendar.

Used as a timer for eggs.

Check other "smart" devices such as light bulbs in your home (if they support voice assistants).

Answer various questions.

How can I talk to my smart speaker?

Start by saying the correct activation word for the smart speaker to start listening to you. Then talk to the voice assistant and tell what you want him to do. Different voice assistants have different activation words. At this moment the activation words are the following ...

"Ok Google" or "Google Hello" for Google Home.

"Alexa" for Amazon Echo *

"Hey Siri" for Apple HomePod.

* You can also say "Echo" or "Amazon" which can be used in the three activation words you have chosen in the settings to which your Echo speakers respond.

Can I speak in Swedish with my intelligent speaker?

Many people ask us "Aren't Alexa or Google Home in English?" Unfortunately men do not have the support for smart speakers for Swedish, the language is still targeted, but it is certainly only and the time-related problem is coming. Although the voice assistants do not speak Swedish but have great features and many user areas that are worth coming home!

What smart speakers are there?

Amazon, Google, Apple and Sonos all have their own smart speakers, so there's a fairly wide range of speakers available on your budget and what you want from your speakers (eg audio, portability or special features of the built-in voice assistants ).

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Amazon voice assistants

Amazon Echo - Generation 2 from Amazon Alexa's voice assistant
Amazon soon came out with its first speaker Echo; In 2014, their first Echo was released. There are no other generations of Amazon Echo speakers out there and there are also many other Echo speaker models that you can learn about later.

Amazon Echo is used by Alexa and can stream music from eg. Spotify, run apps (Alexa Skills), answer questions or check smart devices at home like Philips Hue bulbs Amazon Echo Dot: a smaller echo with full functionality and Alexa

Don't be fooled by the outward appearance. Amazon Echo dot is a smaller voice assistant but at least as powerful as the larger echo uses Alexa to answer questions, control multimedia playback or smart devices at home. The integrated AUX input allows you to easily combine Echo Dot with a larger speaker in your home.

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Amazon Echo Spot


Finally an Echo speaker with a screen! The color screen is 2.5 "and can show useful information like weather updates, schedules or calendar. Perfect as an alarm clock or to control smart devices in the home like Philips Hue lighting. It also supports IFTTT for advanced features. Supplied with AC adapter for Sweden.

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Amazon Echo Show

Echo Show is the best on-screen experience for Echo. With a built-in touchscreen, this voice assistant adds a new dimension to your Alexa experience. It supports video calls and can even control smart devices at home. Available in white or black. It has eight integrated microphones and dual speakers for better sound. Dimensions: 187x187x90 mm

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Voice assistants from Google

Google Home - Google's flagship voice assistants  Like Alexa, Google Home's Google defense can play music from Spotify, for example. read news, research, answer questions and check, for example, light bulbs or smart switches in your home. Google Assistant is available in English and previously in English, French, German or Japanese.

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Apple has dealt in advance with the voice of voice assistants with Siri, the voice assistant we all know. With their HomePod speakers, they are serious about competing with Amazon and Google in the area of ​​smart speakers in Sweden.

Are S

Sonos from California has had speakers so high in the highest price and quality class for over 15 years and now with its smart speakers it has developed and blended smart features and sound quality that all audio files will enjoy. Sonos also supports multiroom music playback (in the office we have 4 strategic positions of Sonos One for the entire office landscape to listen to Spotify) and now use the Amazon Echo Alexa voice assistant in their Sonos One speakers. There is also the fact that Sonos will receive support for Google Assistant and Siri in the future, so it should be an interesting alternative if you don't want to "unlock" in a separate "ecosystem" of services and products.

Which intelligent speaker should I choose?

As you may have noticed, there are many speakers and voice assistants to choose from and it is even available. within them they had a serious impact on Sweden (!). On Smartahö we will work over the coming months working on guides and quotes on these speakers to teach you about your choice and your research.

It is worth considering when choosing an intelligent speaker / speaker:

What should you use the speakers for?

How important is a good sound in your speakers?

Amazon Echo and Google Home have perfectly OK sounds for home use and if you're satisfied with simple ones. But if you want better sound quality, it might be worth watching Amazon Echo Plus or the more elegant Apple HomePod or Sonos One.

Which voice assistant do you want to use?

Do you want to be able to connect multiple speakers?

For example, for multi-room music or if you have a Chromecast that you want to use with your smart speakers like Google. Price (sometimes there are more speakers in stock and price which may be slightly better if orders from abroad, for example Amazon). It is always worth checking both Swedish and foreign prices.

Weight / Portability

Do you want to use your speakers to control your smart home and other smart devices?

So you need to check the compatibility and if the speaker you are considering buying, for example, supports the smart bulb you want to use and vice versa ...

Also remember that all features that are not available in Sweden or in Swedish are new. As long as you are aware of them, we are certain that you will be able to find different user areas, regardless of which intelligent speaker you decide to acquire.

Guide summary

Now we have done again what smart speakers are, what they can do and what smart speakers they are in Sweden today.

Do you have any ideas on this guide or suggestions on what to include during the update? Please contact us: this guide is constantly updated.

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