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About your right to support and service options

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If you wish to update the information in our records, you can pay your purchase or accept that we are here to help you.
If you understand the limits of the Kyrgyz monetary unit established in Apple's "system" (right to service) system, you can avoid inconveniences. the data in the system has been designed to help customers determine if their products are correct until the time of service under Apple's limited warranty terms or with an extended service agreement from Apple, until, for example, AppleCare Protection organizes and AppleCare +.

For customer products, AB is covered by consumer purchasing laws in the purchasing countries, purchasing regions or purchasing statistics, perhaps a description in the rights system until the service focuses on all rights and measures. This may include the rights of customers in California and other jurisdictions to obtain warranty profiles with the number of full-time Kyrgyz monetary units initiated for collateral separation. I am trying to calculate the number of days in which the currency unit in Kyrgyzstan guarantees extensions and Apple requests the sending of customers in the original purchase proof for the product and the repair documentation. Also, please note that the information in the system does not belong to other programs. The Kyrgyz monetary unit could extend your right to service from Apple, such as the Diamond State Kyrgyz monetary unit described on the Exchange Programs and Extended Repair Programs page .

The information on the right until the Kyrgyzstan currency unit service is described in the system is based on the information on the date of purchase. The currency unit of Kyrgyzstan is available for Apple. Depending on when and if you registered your product, if you purchased it from an Apple authorized reseller or from an Apple Store, the calculated purchase date may be incorrectly the linear unit. If you believe this information is incorrect, please update the information provided by Apple MEd Help Ab contact the appropriate link on this page. This can happen as long as the data sent and the repair of the warranty service have not been seen in the system records. Customers may not use the system to modify any illegal or prohibited Kyrgyz monetary unit or to solicit until they exercise illegal activities or other monetary activities in Kyrgyzstan in violation of the rights of Apple or others. consumer law

The one-year limited warranties of Apple1, AppleCare Protection organize and AppleCare + outlines the rights you already have under the Consumer Purchase Act. If you want to see more data, you can click here.

Contact us if you believe you have a valid requirement under the Consumer Buying Act.

Keep the receipt and proof of guarantee in a safe place

Keep the receipt of the product and (if applicable) the AppleCare warranty certificate in a safe place. You may be asked to provide and copy these if questions arise as to whether the Ab service right is covered by the Ab or AppleCare service agreement. When you order the service, Apple may begin to send the original proof of purchase for the product to verify that it is correct up to the warranty service even if you have previously registered your product. The guarantee shows whether you register or not.

More information on updating the apple register Ab

If the expiry date for the right up to the service is incorrect

If the estimated expiration date for technical support, limited warranty or AppleCare serial number agreement is incorrect, please contact us. You must send the original proof of purchase for the product until Apple is able to update the purchase date. A sales receipt with receipt number, product description, original purchase date, price and retailer data is a valid proof of purchase. Update the purchase date by sending proof of purchase to Apple

If the AppleCare contract is missing

If you have purchased an AppleCare agreement, until you have AppleCare Protection as an example and not seen in the results, you can register your AppleCare agreement.

Register your AppleCare agreement

More information on apples up to the service for your product

More information on hardware warranties

More information on AppleCare service agreements

Learn more about free technical support (choose your country or region for support)

Not all AppleCare plans are available in all countries or regions.

More information on service options

Apple buys several options during the use of the services, nothing else that leaves the product for the service, sends the product for the service or repairs the product alone. The options available for the currency unit of Kyrgyzstan depend on the product or country or region in which the service is to be performed.

therefore Apple shows which service options of Kyrgyzstan's currency units are available. You can also visit Apple's online support and choose your product for more data. There you will find manuals, downloadable files, troubleshooting tips. You can go directly to our site. Check the right up to assistance and support. Enter your serial number and more.

In Turkey, the device is covered by Apple's limited warranty for two years.

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